Student: Photos Shown of Teacher-Student Relationship

Reporter: Mark Kelly l Videographer: Parker Slaybaugh

Campbell Co., VA - Allegations that a Campbell County school teacher will be investigated for an alleged relationship with a student rocked the district Wednesday.

ABC 13 spoke with students from William Campbell Combined School; they are stunned that one of their teachers is accused of doing this.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office says they will begin investigating Thursday. The school district did release a statement Wednesday, saying its investigation is underway and the teacher is on administrative leave.As for the students, they've been talking about this all day.

"Chaotic! The rumours, the things that have been said and rearranged, and how many times it's been said," said Joseph Younger, 9th grade student at William Campbell Combined School, describing his school day and the rumours he heard.

"You can't believe rumours all the time," we said.

"Yeah, but sometimes you have to believe it because I walked past her classroom and she wasn't there," said Joseph.

In a written statement, the school district confirmed with ABC 13 that "A William Campbell Combined School teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into an alleged inappropriate relationship with a student."

Students Joseph and Katrina Younger agree, the suspended teacher is a great educator.

"If you needed help, she was right there to help you. You just can't explain how good of a teacher she was," said Joseph.

"She always pays attention to the students. When I was struggling in some classes, she'd always helps me out... She's really, really nice and really easy to talk to," said Katrina Younger, 11th grade student, William Campbell Combined School.

Students describe the student involved as nice and funny, and the rumours of an inappropriate relationship as nothing new.But, recently, the rumours turned serious, putting a teacher's job and reputation at stake.

"Do you believe it?" we asked.

"Yes, I believe it now. I've heard there are pictures and I've heard other things that would make it really, really true," said Katrina.

We will not release the teacher's name until we get official confirmation from law enforcement.The Campbell County Sheriff's Office could not confirm her name at this time.Child Protective Services is also looking into the matter. We will continue to follow this story as it develops.