Student Describes Terrifying Moments During School Shooting

Christiansburg, VA - New details are emerging after police say 18-year-old Neil Allen MacInnis opened fire injuring two women Friday afternoon, at the New River Valley Community College satellite campus in Christiansburg. That's located inside the New River Valley Mall.

We spoke with several students who were inside the school when that lone gunman started shooting. As you can imagine, they described those few minutes as terrifying, chaotic, and something they won't soon forget.

Inside the New River Valley Community College, the process of cleaning up the crime scene is almost finished. But for some students, the process of coming to grips with what happened is only just beginning.

"I just lost it and started crying, I was shaking really bad," said Lindsey Vaughn, who was inside the school when the shooting happened.

Vaughn is a sophomore at the Community College, and was sitting in class when the sound of gunfire broke out.

"First we all heard a big shot, and we were all just looking at each other, then we heard five in a row," said Vaughn.

Police say those shots were fired by 18-year-old Neil MacInnis.

Not knowing what was happening outside, Vaughn and her classmates prepared for the worst.

"Everyone just moved into the back of the classroom, our teacher ran to the door and locked it, turned the lights off," said Vaughn.

She says they sat there for about 20 minutes, while police were sweeping the building, one classroom at a time.

"Then they came in ours, the guy had his gun up, he said everyone raise your hands, get in a single file line. Then as we were walking out towards the lobby I saw a pool of blood and then shotgun shells," said Vaughn.

School officials confirm that two women were injured. One is a second semester freshman, and the other is a part-time employee who works at the front desk.

"I saw the receptionist earlier in the day, she was talking about how she was getting married, and she was going to move to Tennessee because her fiance got into pharmacy school," said Vaughn.

Vaughn can't believe the woman who greets her every morning, was among the injured.

"I just felt really sad that she was one of the victims," said Vaughn.

All classes and activities at the satellite campus as well as their main campus in Dublin have been canceled for the rest of the weekend.

School officials say counselors will be on site to assist all faculty, staff and students. They also held a Community Support Gathering on Saturday.

School officials also say Virginia Tech, which is only a few miles away, has offered to assist in any way possible.