'Strive for 5' Exercise Challenge in Lynchburg Launches Website

Lynchburg, VA - If you're in search of an exercise routine this spring, Lynchburg's got one.

Wednesday, the same people behind Live Healthy Lynchburg launched "Strive for 5." Its goal is to get Central Virginians off the couch and moving.

It's a nine-week program to get people to set aside just 30 minutes of your day, five days a week for exercise.

Organizers of Strive for Five unveiled their sleek, new website called The Challenge Wednesday. It allows you to set up your own profile page and plug in your exercise information on a daily basis. It even tells you the weather forecast so you can decide if it's better to work out outside or inside that day.

Program creators hope Central Virginians take advantage of this.

"Live Healthy Lynchburg recognizes this disconnect between having adequate places for recreation, and exercise and physical fitness, and a lack of engagement of people to those facilities, which is almost a third of our population," said Leslie Hoglund.

Mike McCain set a big weight loss challenge this year: Go from 297 to 220 pounds. He likes the Strive for Five idea. He's already well on his way to his own exercise goals

"One pound turned into five, then five pounds turned into ten then ten turned into 20, I was just like shooting, something's going on here. The ball's rolling. Don't stop it," he said.

Online registration starts Wednesday, and the program kicks off April 1 and ends June 30.

Check out the Strive for 5 website.