String of Vandalism Has Amherst Co. Neighbors on Edge

Amherst Co., VA - The Amherst County Sheriff's Office could use some help solving a string of vandalisms in the last month.

Investigators believe a group of juveniles is responsible for more than two dozen crimes in the last two weeks.

Just a few days ago, investigators believe they beat an animal to death. It has the sheriff's office very concerned and they're asking for your help to catch them soon.

When Doug Hamke was pulling out of his driveway on Cedar Gate Road last Friday, he didn't think twice about the possum he saw lying in the middle of the road.

"It was in the road and the brick was beside it," Hamke recalls.

Now, the sheriff's office believes the animal was beaten to death. Captain Higginbotham says there wasn't enough physical damage to the animal to indicate it was hit by a car.

Since August 1st more than 20 streets have been vandalized. Investigators say the same kind of brick that killed the opossum, was used to damage cars in the south end of the county.

Two days later, vandals struck Martin's Lane.They graffitied mailboxes, cars and even the People's Baptist Church.

Erwin Hill says the numbers 666 were spray-painted onto the church's sign and someone added male genitalia onto his neighbor's car.

He just hopes the damage ends here.

"My friend who lives behind me, his mother has Alzheimer's and she's really frightened to stay by herself," Hill said.

The sheriff's office suspects kids or teens may be responsible.