Dangerous Stretch of Route 122 Causes Residents to Worry

Bedford Co., VA - The area on Route 122 near the Stony Fork and Moneta Road intersection has been the sight of several accidents.

Many who live in that area say the road is dangerous and has been for years, giving even more reason to pay attention while driving through.

It's a stretch with one very sharp curve and two narrow bridges. Folks who live nearby have seen car crashes along that road all too often.

"I'm nervous going around that curve and also out of my own driveway because people come down this road flying," said Quintin Murphy, a Bedford County resident.

Murphy lives on Stony Fork Road. On Tuesday morning after the wreck, he could see traffic backed up from his house.

"As a matter of fact, I was going out my driveway and saw the state trooper headed down to the accident," said Murphy.

Murphy says the sounds of sirens are heard frequently in this area.

"There have been multiple wrecks and accidents there and people have been killed right there in the same spot," said Murphy.

"Every time I go down here, I'm on the brakes and alert," said Jeremy Stephenson, a Bedford Co. resident.

"It's a very dangerous stretch of road," said Stephenson.

Stephenson takes this road to work every day.

"Every morning at 8 o'clock when I go up the hill, there are at least three or four people on the yellow line because they're taking the corner too fast," said Stephenson.

So how do we fix it? These concerned residents offer their solutions.

"Take that curve out," said Quintin.

"Put a state trooper up there I guess, maybe a fake car to slow them down," said Stephenson.

According to VDOT a study was done on that stretch of road back in 2010.

The bridge closest to the accident is scheduled for replacement in 2017

That project is estimated at $14 million, they have only been given $11 million so far.

VDOT would also like to straighten parts of the road if funds become available.