Storm Supplies Depleted in Some Lynchburg Stores

Lynchburg, VA - Storm-related supplies are flying off the shelves throughout our viewing area. So if you need to stock up Monday night, you may have a hard time finding what you need.

The derecho caught a lot of people off guard, back in June, but this time around, many people are determined to be ready.

The roads and department store aisles in Lynchburg were packed with people stocking for Sandy.

"Yes a lot of empty shelves, I was lucky to find these flashlights," said Harold Polk, who was buying batteries.

"We bought about seven gallons to hopefully get us through a couple of days. The generator is already gassed up," said Angie Drumheller, out getting gas.

Drumheller filled up on gas for her work at Hopkins Pediatrics. They want to make sure that if the power goes out, they can refrigerate and protect the vaccines because last time they weren't so lucky.

"We lost power for four days and lost our entire vaccine inventory," said Drumheller.

The derecho seemed to keep a lot of people from procrastinating. Lowe's on Timberlake Road is sold out of generators, D-batteries and larger flashlights.

"I think the storm in July has really affected people right with losing the power for a week and losing all their groceries people are a lot more prepared this time," said Neil Prager, an employee at Lowes.

It's the same story at Home Depot in Lynchburg and most other home improvement stores - no generators and no D batteries.

Batteries Plus in Lynchburg had more than 5,000 batteries around 1 p.m. Monday. They also have an array of flashlights and power inverters that can be used to run a toaster or small refrigerator if the power goes out.

"Be prepared, you never know what could happen," said Polk.

"We hope nothing happens this time, but if it does, we'll be ready," said Drumheller.

As for new shipments of supplies, Lowe's and Home Depot say they don't expect to get generators anytime soon. They're being sent up North where the weather is supposed to be the worst.