Stories From Families in Moore as They Recover From Tornado

Damage in Moore, Oklahoma

Moore, OK - People in Moore, Oklahoma got off to a rough start on day three into the recovery after the deadly tornado as severe thunderstorms rolled through the area.

Some families remember the moment when they knew they'd lose their homes to the tornado.

"The noise was unbelievable, said Susan Benn as she showed what's left of her home. "My husband says he can't even remember it, I remember it, it just sounded like the whole house was tearing down around your head, so it was just scary."

Nearly everything is ruined, but Benn says she and her family escaped with not even a scratch.

"Being that we survived in this house is a miracle. My husband was still watching the news going 'It's not going to hit us, it's not going to hit us,' Yeah it is. I grabbed him by the arm and said 'come sit down' boom house goes apart, I mean it was literally that fast," said Benn.

Stories like this one can be found all over this area.

Gerson Repreza was in the storm cellar with his mother and sister. Both of them obviously shaken, he says his goal was to keep them calm.

"Seeing my mom and sister kinda tear up I knew I had to be strong for them and stuff," said Repreza.

Repreza says those 20 minutes seemed like hours, and when the coast was clear, the severity of the tornado set in.

"When I first saw it I thought I was in a movie scene or something, it was a warzone, I was speechless."

Very severe thunderstorms made it difficult for residents and volunteers to make to the badly damaged neighborhoods on Thursday.

Flash flooding had many roads closed but around noon.

Volunteers from the Church of the Harvest, which is the church that Gleaning for the World has partnered with in Oklahoma, were able to make it out and start serving in neighborhoods to see how they can best put to use all the supplies people have donating.