Stores Give Big Discounts on Christmas Items

Lynchburg, VA - Staying in the Christmas spirit may help your wallet. That's because many stores are giving huge discounts on decorations.

At Farm Basket in Lynchburg, almost all Christmas items were 40% off after Christmas. They say they sell about 70% of their Christmas products before the holiday, but now, they want to get rid of inventory.
They suggest to just go ahead and buy an item before Christmas if you love it. Otherwise, wait and buy decorations now for next year.
"We start at a certain percentage and then we tend to go a couple days and go to an even higher percentage and a higher percentage. Then what doesn't sell we usually just tend to pack up and use for the following year," said Katy Murray, who works at Farm Basket.
The Farm Basket tells us usually they don't have to pack up very many items. They tend to sell almost all of their Christmas items with the sales.