Store Manager Speaks Out After Held Up At Gunpoint Inside Campbell Co. Business

Campbell Co., VA - Deputies are still on the lookout for a man they say, is wanted in connection to an armed robbery at a business near Route 460 on Monday.

The man we spoke with at Commonwealth Auction Service says the person that robbed him did their homework. It was 1 p.m. when the manager of the auction business says a man with a bandana covering his face, entered the store, approached him with a gun, and demanded all of his money, as well as that in the store's cash registers.

That manager, Alec Pierce Gilman was the only employee in the store at the time. He thinks the intruder had done his surveillance, sitting perhaps in a nearby parking lot, making sure all other employees had left, before he made his move.

Gilman said it was no doubt terrifying looking down the barrel of that gun; however, the robber left Gilman unharmed. He made away with almost $1,000 in cash though.

"It's never fun to have a gun pulled on you, let alone put in your face, but hopefully it never happens again" said Gilman.

If you heard helicopters or saw a lot of police activity near Rt. 460 and Alum Springs Road, police were actively searching for this suspect.

We're told no one has been arrested yet. If you know anything, investigators are asking you to call the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at (434) 592-9580.

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