Store Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect in Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - A Roanoke man is out of the hospital and in the City Jail after being shot by a store owner Wednesday night on Melrose Avenue.

Police say Lee Warren Greene III, 18, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

The store owner is former military police with the Pakistani Army. When the alleged robber was distracted adding beer to his list of stolen items, the owner acted quickly.

Munawarri Hussain was admittedly scared when the suspect, who police say walked into his store Wednesday night and demanded all his cash.

"He come in door. Gun in hand. He put gun here and gave me shopping bag. He said, 'Put the money inside,'" Hussain explained.

The bandit wanted condoms and beer as well. That's when Hussain made his move.

"I go jump over there he come back. First I shot [sic]. The guy [is] taller than me. I pull trigger... go cooler," Hussain said.

You can see in security video the moment Hussain pulls his weapon.

The only video evidence of the struggle after that is when a rack shakes.

What isn't seen on the video is the four rapid shots fired at the suspect as the two struggle.

The fifth and last shot to the suspect's shoulder blade area

Once the shooting stopped inside the fight came outside into the parking lot. Mr. Hussain says he and the suspect tussled for between 15 and 20 minutes while several people walked by and even watched. Not one of them decided to stop and help.

The fighting finally stopped after both men became exhausted.

Police would arrest Greene behind a nearby church.

Hussain, feeling sore from the fight, made it home from the hospital to open back up on time.

"If I not open, people think 'He afraid and he gone'. Understand? That's my property. Where [do] I go?'" Hussain explained.

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