Stop The Violence Rally Held In Danville

Videojournalist:Angela Fowler

Danville, VA- Over the past few months you have probably seen a man walking around Danville carrying a sign that says "Stop the Violence."

There is a major reason why. Timothy Griffin's 22-year-old daughter, Jordan, was brutally murdered on December 9th of last year.

Jordan was a mother of two young children. Since her death Griffin has been on a mission.

On Saturday a community came together and joined Griffin as he hosted a Stop the Violence Rally and Kid's Fun day. And it happened not very far from where Jordan was shot.

Numerous families were in attendance, as well as many leaders in the city. They all believe in what Griffin is trying to accomplish.

"Just seeing me out there with the sign alone, ya know somebody out there might be ready to go do something, they ride by and they see me out there with the stop the violence sign and just decide, yo man that guy has been out here every day, he's so dedicated," said Timothy Griffin, Jordan's father.

Since Jordan's death in December there have been no violent crimes of this nature in the city of Danville.

Her family started a fund in her honor which will help benefit her two young children. If you would like to donate money they have an account set up at Wells Fargo on Riverside Dr. The account is called Jordan Griffin Memorial Benefit Fund.