Still Waiting on Insurance Money After Derecho

Reporter: Parker Slaybaugh

Lynchburg, VA - Nearlytwo months after a Derecho hit our area, some communities are stillstruggling to rebuild.

Thestorm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands and cost millions of dollarsin damages. Rebuilding is really just half of the trouble for somehomeowners, and fighting insurance companies is the other half of thebattle.

Aboutthree weeks ago, we told you about a family who, one month after the storm, wasstill waiting for construction crews to start the process of rebuilding theirhome. Sunday the damage to their home looked much the same, almost twomonths later construction has yet to begin.

ChrisBrown says his insurance company wants to give him $20,000 less than whatmultiple contractors say it will cost to repair the house. Despite what theinsurance company is saying, Brown isn't giving up.

"This is what I've been dealt, and yougo through it, and ill continue to go through it, and I'll continue to fight,"said Brown.

Brownsays he hopes construction might begin in another two to threeweeks.

Wedid speak with someone from the insurance company that is handling this case,but was unable to get a statement from them.