Steger Talks About Stepping Down From VT

Blacksburg, VA - Long-time Virginia Tech president Charles Steger is stepping down.

Steger has led the public university through its darkest hour, the on campus massacre, and its billion dollar funding campaign.

It is finals week at Virginia Tech, so students are busy studying.

One student ABC 13 talked to hadn't heard about Steger leaving, but most did get the news and say they're sad to see Steger step down.

The Virginia Tech campus learned through email Virginia Tech is searching for a new leader.

Dr. Charles Steger has served the VT campus for 14 years.

Senior Christopher Richard says Steger has left his mark most everywhere.

"If you look around, you can see how much construction is going on, and I'm really proud that things are growing at this rate. And I attribute a lot of that to him," Richard said.

New buildings are popping up around most every corner of campus.

We sat down with Dr. Steger. His resume includes elevating Tech's academic standing, growing research and expanding the school's reach internationally.

Steger describes his leadership style in these terms:

"You have the obligation to articulate the vision and crystallize the vision of the institutionif they share your excitement and commitment to it then remarkable things can happen," Steger said.

For students like Caity Flint, remarkable things have happened at Tech, from arts to science.

"It seems like he's had influence in every department and brings everyone together and makes it a great experience, Flint said.

Steger advises the next president that education is funded a certain way, and curriculum teachings are changing. He says dealing with the constant changes will take hard work.

"You have to choose what you want to accomplish very carefully because none of these things are easy," Steger explained.

Steger also spoke about the 2007 shooting on the VT campus, saying it was a tremendous collective trauma.

As of this writing, there is no word on who the next president will be.

Steger is not endorsing anyone in particular In fact, he's not even part of the search. A search committee is being formed now.

Steger says he won't officially step down until the new leader is at the helm.