Statistics Show Teacher Salaries in Virginia Good and Bad

Lynchburg, VA- Earlier this week we gave you some new statistics on teachers' pay in Virginia. As a state, we actually pay more than the national average. But locally, we're a bit behind.

Virginia's Department of Education says the average salary for a teacher in our state is $52,000. According to Lynchburg City Schools' website, the average pay for a teacher here is about $49,000.

Now, the Bureau of Labor Statistics came out with its own numbers as well, and they're a little different.

They say the average pay for a Virginia elementary school teacher is $58,510--that's $2,000 more than the national average. And that trend continues for many middle and secondary school teachers.

But, according to their data, several cities, including Lynchburg and Roanoke, pay significantly below that average.

We asked School Superintendent Scott Brabrand about Lynchburg's low numbers. He responded to us by saying that Lynchburg's starting salaries for teachers are low, but by a teacher's tenth year their salaries meet or even exceed state and national averages. He also says teachers' pay will be a big discussion during budget work sessions starting next month.

We'll be sure to follow up on this story and keep you updated throughout those work sessions.