Statistics Show 46% of Danville Homicides Happened Around North Main St

Danville, VA -- In Danville, more homicides happen in the North Main street area than anywhere else. Just last week, there was another homicide there.

With help from police, we determined that nearly half of the homicides since the start of 2007 have occurred at what is considered the North Main area.

It was just down Rick Elkins' street last Friday, the most recent Danville homicide victim was found dead inside his North Main Street apartment.

"It's happened before and it will probably happen again," said Elkins.

But crimes like this may not come as a surprise for Elkins. That's because, since the start of 2007, 46% of all homicides in the city occurred in the North Main area. We narrowed down the parameters to within a quarter mile of each side of North Main, from the intersection of North Main and Riverside to the city limits.

"I don't really get scared. But it's unnerving to see the crime rate like that," said Elkins.

Danville Police were also not shocked by these numbers.

"A lot of them are drug related. Probably a majority of them are," said Lt. Scott Eanes, Danville Police Department.

Eanes suggests another cause could be the proximity of houses in that heavily populated area.

"If the houses were more spread out then they would have time to think about what they were doing before they did it," said Eanes.

Eanes says the Danville Street Crimes Unit and other officers regularly patrol North Main, hoping to prevent crime. But he says residents in that area can also make a huge difference in crime numbers.

"Don't be afraid to talk to us and tell us what you hear or what you see," said Eanes.

Elkins just hopes the statistics change soon.

"I would hope that it would get better, but nobody knows what the future is going to hold," said Elkins.

This year, there have been two homicides in Danville, one of which was on North Main. The other homicides since 2007 were spread out all around the city.