State Senator Herring Stumps In Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Democratic candidate for Attorney General, State Senator Mark Herring, was in Roanoke campaigning Wednesday in support of the McAuliffe/Clinton tour that wrapped up a nine city swing.

For the first time in the race, the Roanoke College poll has Herring up by double digits measuring 11 points over his opponent, Mark Obenshain, with 19% still undecided.

While Herring admits the lead is comfortable he says he is not slowing down until election day.

"It feels good and the momentum is definitely with us. We thought that would happen once we got information out to voters about my record and my vision for the office," said Herring.

We reached out to Mr. Obenshain for response but did not hear back.

In the battle for Lt. Governor, Democrat Ralph Northam leads Republican EW Jackson by 18-points, according to the same poll, with 20% still undecided.