Pittsylvania Co. State Police Step Up Patrol for July 4 Weekend

Pittsylvania Co., VA -- More people hit the road on holidays like the Fourth of July, and that means the potential for more accidents. State Police are doing their part to prevent traffic violations by adding more patrolling officers.

Not just in Danville, but all over Virginia, State Police are on the look out Thursday. They are paying attention to all of the usual traffic violations but this year they have one more thing to keep an eye out for.
Trooper Boone with Virginia State Police starts off her Fourth of July holiday a little differently. Instead of taking the day off, she works harder patrolling Pittsylvania County along with an increased number of officers.
"Just like any other time, we're trying to promote highway safety and keep the roads safe," said Boone.
Holidays usually come with more traffic, more violations, and a potential for more accidents. So, state and local officers step up their patrols.
"We're just looking for more violations because we know more traffic is going to be on the road," said Boone.
Boone says on holidays like the fourth, she often catches more speeders. But that's not all. According to State Police, 10% of the July 4 accidents in the Commonwealth last year were alcohol-related. And this year, they have one more violation to watch for.
"We are looking for texting while driving. It's just dangerous, I mean everybody knows it. I hope there are going to be less people doing it because of the law now and we are looking for that," said Boone.
But Boone hopes drivers this year will stay within the speed limit, put their phone down, and drive safely.
"If you are going somewhere, just think about it before you even get in the car. What can I do to get from point A to point B safely," said Boone.
Boone suspects they have about 10-15% more officers patrolling Thursday.