State Police Searching for Driver in Deadly Hit-and-Run

Cecil Arthur

Campbell Co., VA - Troopers are looking for the driver of the gray minivan involved in a wreck around 7:45 p.m. Monday at the intersection of Timberlake Road and Powtan Drive.

State police say it may have front end damage and was last seen headed westbound on Timberlake Road.

Cecil Glenn Arthur, 53, of Madison Heights died at the hospital after he was run over by that minivan at the intersection of Powtan Drive and Timberlake Road. It's where orange spray paint now outlines his final moments.

State police say Arthur flew off his moped after striking the passenger door of a car that pulled out in front of him. Moments later, a gray colored minivan ran over him and left.

Deadly car accidents have become too familiar for people on Timberlake Road. Arthur was the fifth person to die in the area in the last five months.

In April, a drunk driver rammed into Eddie Moore and John Hawkins as they turned left into the Legacy at Linden Park Apartments.

Jacob Warrender died in May after a car pulled out in front of his motorcycle on Timberlake Road. And in August, a 9-year-old boy ran into the path of an Oldsmobile and died at the hospital.

Lynchburg police officials say all five deaths have one common denominator:

"They all involved traffic or pedestrians attempting to cross Timberlake Road making left hand turns or right hand turns," said Officer Ronnie Sitler.

Police are studying the flow of traffic and whether the 45 mph speed limit is too high. They say it's the least they can do to avoid terrible scenes like the one Monday night.

"The hardest thing we do in law enforcement is to have to go tell someone that their loved one's not coming home, especially when they can be prevented," Sitler added.

Police say that minivan may have damage to its front end.

They've spent the last several hours going to body shops and patrolling the area of Timberlake Road.

If you have any information or may have seen the accident around 7:45 p.m. Monday, State police are asking you to call them at 1-800-552-0962.