State Police K9 Team in Appomattox Celebrates a Major Milestone

Correction: In the video we reported that the dog's name is Moe, but his name is Mac.

Appomattox, VA - Mac, a 2-year-old bloodhound is a part of the state police K-9 unit based in Appomattox. Early Wednesday morning, he made a major discovery, his first since graduating from the K-9 academy.

Mac and his commanding officer Trooper Morgan Croft graduated in June, and Wednesday morning, they found three suspects wanted for a crime committed in Charlotte County.

What's amazing about Mac; he did it all hours after the crime was committed and miles from where the three left the scene.

Mac works full time as a K-9 State Police tracking dog. He hunts down the hardest of criminals, with his nose that's extremely strong.

"They claim it's 40 times our smell" said Croft.

He's one of seven state police blood hounds in all of Virginia. He trained for months to track with Croft.

And there's not a thing he's afraid of, except maybe a big boom of thunder.

Mac and Croft had their first big find since they graduated the academy in June. Three suspects had left the scene of a crime, gotten into a car accident, and ran from there.

"We were able to track them about a mile, mile and a half back in through some cow pastures and pines and stuff. Found two of them curled up, trying to sleep the night off" said Croft.

Croft has a special code, he just whispers, "Go find the man," and Mac is off.

Croft hopes this is just the beginning of their long successful career, "It's something that I probably won't forget and he won't either" he said.

It's likely Mac and Croft will be a pair for the next 10 years or so. Croft says Mac gets a little bag of dog food after every successful track. On Wednesday in honor of his first, he had a few.