State Police, K-9 Units Searching Area of 460 in Appomattox Co.

UPDATED: 6:19 p.m.

Appomattox Co. VA - Officers and dogs conduct what looked like a massive search along Route 460 in Appomattox County Monday morning.

Virginia State Police said the search near the 460 business exit is connected to a criminal investigation in another county, located outside our viewing area.

The Department of Corrections, Department of Criminal Justice Services, and Department of Game and Inland Fisheries all joined in the search.

State Police say it has nothing to do with the search for Alexis Murphy or Virginia Edmonds.

There's no word on what they were looking for, or if they found it.


Appomattox Co., VA - There is heavy police activity on Route 460 in Appomattox County Monday morning.

About a dozen officers with K-9 units have been searching the side of 460 for hours, mainly near the 460 business exit.

The activity has nothing to do with Alexis Murphy or Virginia Edmonds, State Police say.

According to State Police, this search is related to an investigation in another jurisdiction.

We are still working on finding out exactly which investigation that is and its connection to our area.

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