State Police: Female Dies After Being Hit off Route 460 in Bedford Co.

Update 5:30 p.m.:

Bedford Co., VA - State Police believe they know the identity of a woman hit and killed while walking along route 460 in Bedford County before dawn Friday morning. But they are still waiting on confirmation while looking for her next of kin.

Troopers spent much of the day locating the home where they believe the woman had been living. Not only do they think they know who she is, but they've got a pretty good idea why she might have been walking 460 in the dark.

But at this point, they're not willing to share that information.

Daylight followed by flashing lights shed light on a terrible scene no one wanted to see out a car window on the morning commute.

Davannah Byers doesn't usually drive 460 West, but she did Friday morning to get her child to a doctor's appointment in Roanoke. When the right, west bound lane ran out...

"I had no idea. I just thought it was an accident," she said. ""It's kind of an eerie, eerie feeling to think that you could have hit someone or seen someone laying there."

Fortunately for this mom and her little one, firetrucks blocked their view of a woman's body, covered by a sheet by the time they passed around 9:10 a.m.

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office confirms a deputy was out here around 5:30 a.m. when it was still dark, for what was thought to be a crash with a deer.

State Police called the driver who reported it hours later after the body was discovered.

"He was at work in Staunton and he did come back to the scene to discuss this with us," said First Sgt. Michael Bailey.

Bailey inspected the man's car, finding evidence that matched what they found on the body.

"He didn't know what he had struck. We did find out there was a victim, as the result of the crash," he said.

The mom who was passing by can't help but feel for her fellow 460 driver.

"I would not like to be that person. It would be horrible. That would be a horrible feeling to think that you possibly hit someone or something anything like that," said Byers.

State Police say the driver is from Bedford County. They do not anticipate he'll be charged.


Update 11:20 a.m.:

Bedford Co., VA - State Police have confirmed that a female pedestrian died after being hit by a car along Route 460 in Bedford County Friday morning.

One west bound lane near Irving Road was closed after the body was found.

A trooper on the scene says the driver called around 5:15 a.m., saying he didn't know if he had hit a person or deer.

Another trooper is with the driver inspecting the car.

The body has not been identified.

The lane has reopened.


Bedford Co., VA - State police are on Route 460 West in Bedford County after they say they found a body.

They say the body was found off Route 460 near Irving Road.

We have crews on the scene and will bring you updates as we get them.