State Officials Meet With Ivy Lake Home Owners

Forest, VA - Tuesday night state officials said someone has got to pay up. The deadline to make millions of dollars in upgrades to the dam at Ivy Lake is rapidly approaching, and state officials are saying if no one pays, they'll drain the lake.

Tuesday night in Forest, officials from the department of conservation and recreation reiterated to concerned residents, this dam is a danger to those living downstream. In the event of excessive rainfall, if the dam is breached, it could flood hundreds out of their homes.

Liberty University owns the lake; they've been in a dispute with owners over who should pay for the upgrades.

Meanwhile, residents downstream are worried, they know the dam is a safety concern, "I'd like to think that Liberty University would do the right thing. $2 million to Liberty University is like a buck and a half to you or me" said George Hood, a homeowner who lives downstream.

The DCR has requested a decision on who's to pay for the upgrades, by the end of the summer.