State, Local SOL Scores Released

Lynchburg, VA - Virginia's SOL scores are out, our first look at how students handled the much-harder test last year.

The word from the state is that schools improved on the rigorous math tests, but did worse on the English and science portions.

The scores are for the 2012-2013 school year.

Overall, state-wide, 71% of students passed the math part of the test compared with 68% the year before.

The report said 75% of students passed the reading tests and 76% passed the writing portion.

Locally, Lynchburg's results are lower than the state average.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand said Tuesday of the nine SOL math categories, Lynchburg improved in six from the previous year.

Statewide, improvements were seen on all nine math tests.

The reading SOL test, like math, is looked at very closely as a measure of success.

Like the state, Lynchbrug went down in its score from the previous year. Students went from a pass rate of 86 to 82, and the state went from 94 to 89.

Keep in mind, however, the reading assessment is seen now as a completely different test.

"I welcome new and rigorous tests, and we're making progress and achieving this new level of rigor," said Dr. Brabrand.

Brabrand went on to say he thinks with new, more rigorous testing, the state needs to consider looking at new ways of holding schools accountable, and not taking a one size fits all approach.