State Gives Sandusky Middle School Failing Grade

Lynchburg, VA - The Virginia Department of Education released a report that says 77% of Virginia's public schools are fully accredited.

But that percentage has dropped because of new, more rigorous SOLs. Just last school year, that number was at 93 %.

Those results are not good news for Sandusky Middle School in Lynchburg. It has gotten accredited with warning for the third consecutive year, which means the government in Richmond could take the school over.

Now, school administrators say they do have a plan in place and it is working.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand says Sandusky's improvement plan will go in front of the school board in October. The goal is to identify students who need extra help, assign coaches to help, and monitor their progress.

Still, Dr. Brabrand says Sandusky is being unfairly labeled.

"Sandusky Middle School is a school that is having successful outcomes for students. We can do better and will do better. But they do not deserve to be labeled as a failure. The kids don't deserve it. The teacher's don't deserve it. This community doesn't deserve it," he said.

Brabrand says the comprehensive plan will be updated based on this new information. But Lynchburg City Schools is already doing double-block classes for reading and math, coaches to help out teachers, and a behavior intervention system.