State And Federal Agencies Talk To Citizens About Coal Ash

Danville, VA - Concerned citizens were getting their chance Monday night to talk one-on-one with experts about the coal ash spill. The forum was at Danville's Community Market.

The purpose of the event was to inform the public on the clean up. Duke Energy has blocked off Abrou-Grogan Park to work on gathering as much coal ash as possible.

And Monday night, Duke was at the meeting, along with several agencies from Virginia and North Carolina to answer questions. According to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Duke has not yet started the dredging process. They are still waiting on permits to start. They hope to begin on May 1st.
Other agencies like the Virginia Department of Health, the Fish and Wildlife Services, the Coast Guard, the Environmental Protection Agency, and North Carolina DENR were all there. DEQ told people that they are on a three-year plan to take fish and water samples from the river. Most agencies did not have new information to report, just talking to the public, like Dale Jordan.
"I'm a grandparent of 2 grandchildren. Although they live in the county and have well water, I'm still concerned. I've been worried about uranium mining and we thought we had that straight and now we have the coal ash spill," said Jordan.
The dredging process is expected to be done by July 1st. That's when they will re-open the park.

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