StarTek Aiming to Keep New Employees Happy

Reporter: Carleigh Griffeth | Photographer: Levi Washburn

Lynchburg, VA- There's some relief in sight for unemployed people in the Lynchburg area. You may get a job at a Lynchburg call center. StarTek is planning to hire 200 more customer service representatives.

They need to expand after getting a new client. We talked to the director of Lynchburg StarTek today. They've filled about half of the jobs already. That means they still need around 100 more workers.

That's good news for Lynchburg, and very good news for former StarTek employees. Because this go around, they're at the top of the list.

Chad Dubois is just getting settled in at StarTek--for the second time. He started with the company in 2004, but was let go in 2007 because of restructuring.

"Once I left StarTek I did a number of jobs. I've been laid off a number of times," said Dubois.

So when he heard StarTek was hiring, he jumped at the chance.

"They gave me a call. I came in. And the very next day I started work," said Dubois.

StarTek likes to hold on to its workers. They keep a list of former employees. When new positions open up, people like Dubois are the first ones called.

"Everyone is already fully trained. They know the StarTek way. So it's easy for a former employee to come in and start work the very next day," said Dubois.

"We want them to build careers with us. We want them to stay long-term," said Brenda Nash, Senior Operations Manager at Lynchburg StarTek.

The company offers lots of little incentives for employees-- from taking a break to play foosball, to getting your picture on the wall of top performers, or even getting a reserved parking spot for being this month's strong leader.

"The environment in the call center is not, it's probably not the most fun place to work, but StarTek makes it fun," said Dubois.

"We want to have fun at work. It's a hard job, it really is to do customer care service. Sometimes the customers are angry, but we want to make sure they sound the best on the phones," said Nash.

With company cook-offs, Wii Olympics, and regular community service events, StarTek focuses on keeping their employees happy. Because a happy employee, makes a good customer care representative.

"I love working for this company. The way they treat their employees is just great," said Nash.

Brenda Nash says this can be a tough job. Most of the time you are dealing with people when they aren't in a very good mood. That's why StarTek tries so hard to keep spirits up.

StarTek hopes to start training new employees by August 20th. There's also a job fair scheduled for August 9th at the company. If you're interested in applying online, click here.