Lynchburg StarTek Set to Hire 200 New Employees

Lynchburg, VA - 200 new jobs are coming to Lynchburg, courtesy of StarTek. The new hires are for the company's call center.

StarTek staff says they're looking to add them in the next three weeks.

This will almost double the size of StarTek's Lynchburg branch, and in this economy, it's not often you hear of good news. But fortunately, StarTek is booming in the Hill City.

"The last time we did this, we had 1,300 applicants to hire 200 people. We got very picky with who we chose" said StarTek Senior Operations Manager, Brenda Nash.

That was in August; and now, they're doing it again.

"Which is part of the reason these guys are the top of the business, they do so well" said Nash.

Nash, says the growth is because the companies StarTek serves, are so pleased with employee performance.

"We ended up winning some business based on how we've been performing, they took a chance on us a couple months ago, and we hired 200 people, and they're doing such an amazing job, we just won 200 more seats" she said.

"We get phone calls everywhere from Washington, Colorado, Texas, California," said StarTek employee, Corey Bateman.

Bateman was a part of the initial class of 200 new hires back in August.

"Married with two kids, when I got laid off the first time, it was extremely stressful" he said.

Laid off twice in the last five years, Bateman hope's he's here to stay.

"In this economy, I feel extremely blessed. And I think everyone should feel very blessed that StarTek here is hiring 200 people. I mean they're hiring people back to back," he said.

Want to work at StarTek? Well applying is just the first step.

"Once they actually complete the application online, they take a customer care pre-assessment, if they successfully pass that, we have them come in and take three additional assessments," said hiring manager, Chad Dubois.

You're put through the gauntlet, and all that, is before the interview.

"I'm excited to see what we get out of this. I want to see what their scores look like, and I want to make sure we put the top people, the best people on the floor, on the phones, supporting our customer," said Nash.

If you'd like to apply, you can do so online, or in person. StarTek is open to accept applications starting Monday between 8a.m. and 5p.m. On Tuesday, there will be a job fair beginning at 1p.m.