Star Trek Fan Club Raising Money for Charity

Lynchburg, VA - It's been years since the last episode of Star Trek aired, but a group of fans in Central Virginia is still making a difference.

The USS Heimdal has raised thousands of dollars for charities like the Humane Society, Salvation Army, and Gleaning for the world.

Their work earned them Starfleet Chapter of the year this month, beating out hundreds of groups across the globe.

Just like the starship that inspired its founding, the USS Heimdal is a diverse group of people with the same goal in mind: to reach out to other people and do something positive.

Since Linda Smith started the Lynchburg-area Starfleet Chapter, it's grown from four members to nearly 50. They range from eight years old to 95 years old.

"We're all like family. And sometimes we're real dysfunctional," Smith said laughing.

"It's really unusual for a group like this to last this long," she added.

Smith says after nearly 30 years even they got tired of talking about Star Trek. So at their monthly meetings they invite guest speakers, learn how to perform CPR and organize fundraising events for various charities.

At first though, Smith says it wasn't easy to convince businesses to get on board.

"But I think we've done enough over the last almost 30 years to prove that we're a credible force, who just like to dress up funny every now and then and do something cool," Smith explained.

The Star Trek fan club is now a 501(c)3, having raised tens of thousands of dollars for groups in the Amherst and Lynchburg areas.

When they aren't making a difference they're making movies. Heimdal Style won first place in the entire region.

You can meet members of the USS Heimdal at their annual auction this Saturday. It's taking place at the Holiday Inn in downtown Lynchburg where they hope to raise $2,500 dollars for charity.