Star Tek Employees Asking for Bus Stop

Lynchburg, VA - Star Tek in Lynchburg will make a big move next month to the old Kroger on Waterlick Road.

Management is excited, but several employees are wondering if they'll be able to keep their jobs.

It turns out the location of the new facility is a problem for employees who rely on the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company, because GLTC's closest stop isn't really that close.

Now the employees are stuck between finding new transportation or unemployment.

"That's my only means of transportation," potential Star Tek employee Kimberly Brown said of the bus service. "I mean I have other people that I get rides from and things of that nature but as far as a job is concerned, I want to have a reliable source that's always going to be there."

For the most part, many say GLTC has always been there.

Now, however Brown says she needs the transit company to be at the site of Star Tek's future home.

"Right now, I'm just kind of waiting to see if we're going to be able to get transportation out that far so I can take advantage of one of the job opportunities that they have available," Brown said.

Brown has been employed with Star Tek off and on for the past several years. She was supposed to start training for a new job there this week, but had to put it off, and she's afraid she's not the only one doing so.

"I fear that a lot of people probably aren't even going to apply for one of the positions because they know next month, they're going to move the location and, you know, they're not going to be able to get there so they're going to be out of a job anyway," Brown said.

Star Tek knows their employees have hit a road block. Director of Marketing Rosemarry Hanratty says they've just started talks with GLTC about adding an additional bus stop.

"It's a win-win for everybody. You know, I think everybody from city manager down to the person that's unemployed, everybody needs to work together to make this happen," Brown said.

Karen Walton, GLTC's General Manager, says they are in the very beginning stages of talks with StarTek, and need to get a lot more information before they can move forward with any plans.