Stabbing Victim Speaks Out

Campbell Co., VA- Who knew that the tattoo on Bryce Kaylin's chest would be so prophetic? The young mother of three has all kinds of ink on her body, but it's the tattoo that is stamped just below her collarbone that tells a story. "The world breaks everyone and afterward some are strong at the broken places," it reads. {}Above it, one can see the deep wounds left by a horrific slash attack, she endured the morning of July 2nd. That's when Kaylin says, her estranged husband, Jerry Harper showed up at their Campbell County home, violating for the second time, a protective order she had taken out on him.{}

Kaylin says she found him in the home and when she asked him why he was there, he told her he knew he was "going to go to jail, for breaking the protective order and he just wanted to say goodbye," to the three month old daughter the couple share. She says she asked him to leave the house. "And as I was trying to get towards him, he wanted to hug me, so I was walking towards him and then out come the box cutter. And he just starts slicing my neck."

That's when all mayhem broke loose, Kaylin says. Her three children, including her seven and eight year old daughters, were in the room, as Harper was cutting and reaching for her neck. She tells ABC 13 that she urged her daughters to run out the door, "but they were froze up in fear."{}

"I could feel the blood coming out of my neck so I tried to grab my neck, to try to get him to not get any of my veins," she continued but he grabbed her again and again. Finally, Kaylin says she was able to escape. She ran out of the house with her two older daughters, the infant, she had to leave behind. {}She ran with her two girls to the road, she says and waved at drivers. The first one, a truck, she says nearly hit her and drove past. However, two other passersby, did stop and she credits them for saving her life, {}"And I flagged down somebody in the street and thankfully she was able to help me. And another man stopped, and helped me and put towels on my neck."{}As she lay waiting to be Medi-Vacced to Lynchburg General, she tells ABC 13, "And all I could think was I can't die. My girls need me, I gotta live for my girls. That's all that was going through my head."{}Kaylin says she is determined that Harper will not win here. As she sat at a playground with her three daughters in Bedford County, she reflected on all the warning signs she says she ignored in her relationship with him. She urges other victims to heed early warning signs of domestic violence, "Follow your gut. If it's telling you that something's not right and you're scared. Go! Even if they apologize. If they do it once, they'll do it again."{}

Kaylin's two older daughters are in counseling for the trauma they witnessed that day. {}Jerry Harper remains in the Campbell County Jail without bond. He's charged with aggravated malicious wounding and two counts of violating a protective order.{}

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