Springsteen Plays Free Concert & Rallies Support for Obama

Charlottesville, VA - "The Boss" brought his band in a little early to Charlottesville Tuesday to trump up some support for President Obama.

Bruce Springsteen hit the stage for free hoping his music would bring people out to the polls in just a couple weeks.

The boss played six songs in total, but this concert didn't have to last very long to get the audience fired up.

The outspoken Democrat played for an audience estimated at around 5,000 people.

He played his classics -- many of which speak to the working man, the average blue collar America. It's a demographic that Springsteen says is most supported by the President. He sang songs like "Promiseland" and "We Take Care of Our Own."

But many in the audience said Springsteen has such wide appeal and though he is a supporter of the President, his words speak to all Americans.

"Some of Bruce Springsteen's music is upbeat, and some of it is tragic, and some of it's all about life. I mean, Republicans have just as much life as democrats do," said someone from the audience.

"It also speaks to many generations. I mean, he's going on 30 some odd years now? So I think it speaks to every class, and every American, regardless of race, sexuality, color, all of it, it's fabulous," said another audience member.

From Charlottesville, Springsteen headed to a ticketed event at the John Paul Jones Arena.