Sponsor Saves Lynchburg Fireworks Show Scheduled for July 5

Lynchburg, VA - The deadline to save the fireworks in Lynchburg was looming Friday morning until leaders at Lynch's Landing announced that someone had stepped forward to be the sponsor.

Leaders had organized a fireworks display for July 5 at Friday Cheers. But their sponsor, a major national corporation, withdrew support 10 days before the event.

Craft Auto Group and Craft Collision stepped forward just Friday morning after seeing our story on our air Thursday night. They donated the $7,000 needed, and now the show will go on.

"It's a great thing in the community to do. I mean it brings everybody together in the community and when we heard that the first sponsor backed out it makes just perfect sense to step up and so something about it so that we could have this in our community," said Danielle Hamlet, with Public Relations Craft Collision.

Lynch's Landing says next Friday was going to be a big night, and now it's going to be even bigger.