Spared From the Snow...for Now! By Lyndsay Tapases

It looks like I got out of New England just in time! Although it probably wouldn't accumulate to much near surface elevations, the potential exists for not one, but two snow events across portions of the interior Northeast coming later this week and into this weekend. The first timing would be Thursday night and into Friday along with a cold front that will also bring us some showers here across the commonwealth. The cold air drawn in behind this front may be enough to produce snow from northern sections of Pennsylvania, up through New York state, into western Massachusetts, and into VT, NH, and ME.

The second piece of energy which arrives late Friday and into Saturday will dive a bit more south. This may extend the snow flurries into the higher Northwestern territory of our state, along with portions of West Virginia. Depending on how far of an inland track this second system takes, it could produce another round of snow showers for parts of PA, NY, and MA.

Although it will get very cold across our region Friday night, it still looks as though we will only be seeing a cold rain out of this event in central VA. Although a few wet snowflakes mixed in with the rain is certainly feasible, a complete changeover to snow is unlikely. It would be more likely on Saturday night, which looks like it will be the chilliest night we've had so far this season. Although some areas did see patchy frost this past weekend, lows were only down to around 35 degrees on both Saturday & Sunday mornings. This upcoming Saturday night, many locations will be closer to the freezing mark, however, most of the moisture will be gone by then so it looks like we will still miss out on any snow, at least for now.

So for those, like myself, who are not ready to see the white stuff quite just yet, it looks like we will be spared of any snow (at least in Central and Southside VA) for the time being. Of course, we can only hold off for so long. Be sure to tune into ABC-13 news this Friday evening, the 28th, for Sean's winter outlook which will air at 6 and 7pm!