Span the Dan Project Continues as Summer Interns Prepare to Leave

      Danville, VA - A group of interns are leaving Danville, but the project they started will continue in the community.

      The Danville Regional Foundation's summer interns started--Span the Dan--a movement to find a new purpose for an old pedestrian bridge formerly used by employees at the Long Mill.
      They completed a survey of 350 Danville residents and held a design workshop to get feedback from residents.
      The top ideas they heard were for shops and restaurants to be added to the walkway, and to make it a connector to the Riverwalk Trail.
      "We had a very wide variety of responses. Some of them were really awesome, some were kind of crazy. Overall, people seem to agree that it should be a multipurpose gathering space."
      They have a blog where you can keep up with the progress of the project. Click here to visit there site.