Southside Mother Bringing Attention to Pediatric Strokes

Halifax Co., VA - According to the Centers for Disease Control, on average, one American dies from a stroke every four minutes. There's plenty of research about strokes in the U.S., but not a lot about children who have strokes. A mother from Halifax County says her son had a stroke while he was still her in womb. Stacie Gamble started an awareness campaign, and Sunday she celebrated all the milestones her son has made. When four-year-old Owen Gamble was born, doctors said they delivered a healthy bouncing baby boy. "When he came out, he did well. All the APGAR scores were off the charts. I mean, he was a healthy baby. He latched on, he breast fed. It was no reason for us to have concern. No reason," Gamble explained. But just before little Owen turned 3-months-old, his mom noticed something wasn't right. "As he was growing, I started to see more tightness in his arm, and he was kind of bending over a little bit and curling where the tightness was coming through," Gamble said. After neurologists performed tests, Gamble says the results were shocking."It showed where the scar tissue on the left side of his brain, which caused the weakness on the right side of his body," Gamble said. Medical staff said Owen had a stroke while still in his mother's womb. With lack of research, doctors couldn't give many answers, but did tell her he would miss major milestones. But Owen is beating the odds. "We were told he would walk until he was much older. He beat, he started walking at 15 months," Gamble said. After finding the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association, the only group in the U.S. that focuses on pediatric stroke, Gamble joined in their efforts and launched the Bridging Awareness of Pediatric Stroke campaign. She had groups across the country celebrating pediatric stroke survivors and calling attention toward much needed research. "So that our young stroke survivors can be the pioneers and can really help out the next generation," Gamble said. The group, CHASA, dedicated the month of May to holding different types of pediatric awareness events all over the country. For more information on CHASA, click here.