Southside Mom With Daughter In Africa Concerned About Ebola Outbreak

Danville, VA-- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Americans should not panic about the ebola outbreak, but some people over here have family and friends in Africa, and they're very concerned.

Danville resident, Beth Bowman said she finds this outbreak very worrying. Her daughter, Katherine, has lived in East Africa as a humanitarian aid worker for three years. She lives in Burundi, on the other side of the continent where the outbreak is. However, as a mom, Bowman said she's worried about the virus possibly spreading to the east.

She said her daughter hasn't mentioned having to take any extra safety precautions because of the outbreak. Bowman said what's really worrying is her daughter's planned trip back to Danville in the next few weeks.

"My concern as far as she is concerned is more of airline travel... and it said that they were evacuating people, which is wonderful to get them out of there, but hopefully they're not spreading it all over the world." Bowman said.

According to the CDC, It is unlikely the virus would spread on a plane unless a passenger were to come into contact with a sick person's bodily fluids.

However some airlines have suspended flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone.