Southside Firefighters Busy With Cold Weather Fires

Danville, VA - Fire departments throughout the region have been keeping busy with numerous fires over the past few days, but some of the fires were preventable.

The causes of the recent fires are varied, however experts say to take some as warnings, especially in these cold months.
When you look around Maurice Reynolds' home, the ceiling certainly tells a story.

"You don't want to lose your house, everything is scary if you don't have anywhere to live," said Reynolds.
Reynolds was home Tuesday afternoon when the smoke started then his house caught fire, causing some damage.
"Been living there all your life, so you can't to come home to your home, you feel bad," said Reynolds.
Fire officials determined the cause of this one to be electrical, not preventable, but still keeping local stations busy.
Danville Fire Marshal Shelby Irving says the number one cause of fires is unattended cooking followed by heating sources. The causes make this time of the year especially busy for firefighters.
"The guys, they are up and down all day and night, just trying to get recovery time, when you are going out at 1 back in at 1:45, 3 you are just not getting a constant rest," said Irving.
Irving suggests especially in these cold months, make sure you practice fire safety.
"We've been cold lately so people are using any way they can to stay warm and we have picked up some this year," said Irving.
If you use a space heater, make sure it's three feet away from combustibles.
Before using your chimney, have it cleaned out.
Also, kerosene heaters can be dangerous if you don't fill them up properly.
Even though firefighters have been working hard, they're ready if you need them.
"They're used to it and they're getting through it," said Irving.
Another thing you should avoid is using an oven as a source of heat. That can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and you wouldn't realize it's happening.
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