Southside Experts Offer Tips on How to Save For Thanksgiving

Pittsylvania Co., VA - According to the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, your thanksgiving meal will cost you more in Pittsylvania County than anywhere else in the race.

Below are some tips on how to keep the costs down.

This survey is not meant to be scientific. In fact, they only had one person in Pittsylvania County checking the costs. You can still save yourself big bucks, no matter where you live, though.
At $53.45, Pittsylvania County ranks highest in Virginia for the cost of your Thanksgiving meal, according to the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.

First, know when to buy. The Farm Bureau says if you see a non-perishable item on sale, go ahead and get it. Manager of The Market, Will Belton says to hold off on the turkey until the last few days when the costs go down.

"If somebody's got a ton of turkeys, they want to move them right before Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas because nobody wants turkeys after Christmas," said Belton.
Belton also suggests to buy generic when possible. Depending on the item, it's better to buy in bulk fresh like a sack of potatoes. You can get many fruits and vegetables frozen to save you a whole lot of money.
"The larger the package, the cheaper it gets," said Belton.
You could even split a bulk item with a friend or neighbor to cut the costs.
Danville Community College Economics Professor Matt Nidiffer says different regions have different pricing strategies. In Pittsylvania County he notices a high-low strategy.
"Initially prices would be a little bit higher, then closer towards that event you would see a reduction in prices," said Nidiffer.So, take the time to shop around. That way, you can cut corners on the costs and not on the food.
There are some items that, when frozen, will last a while. So you can use some for Thanksgiving and save the rest for Christmas dinner.
Meanwhile, the survey says the lowest cost Thanksgiving meal can be found in Floyd County.