Southside Emergency Crews Ready for Weather

Danville, VA - Southside emergency responders say they are ready for whatever happens Friday night.

"We want to keep everybody safe," said Robbie Woodall, chief of the Danville Life Saving Crew.

Members of the Danville Life Saving Crew have spent the day checking their trucks, staffing their volunteers, and keeping a close eye on the weather.

"Today we've got about eight people working throughout the day and tonight we will have extra people working as well," said Woodall.

The crew said they always have people on call and have four wheel drive ambulances on stand-by.

There were several accidents Friday. One car slid into a transformer on River Oak Drive. Later, a Danville Fire Truck slipped while coming to its rescue.

"When I backed up and stopped and thought the truck was going to sit still it started sliding. That's a weird feeling," said Stephen Ferrell from the Danville Fire Department.

At Pittsylvania County Dispatch, their phones were ringing almost constantly Friday.

"The moment that travel picks up on the highways, that's when we start seeing the calls start to pick up here because that's when incidents happen," said Jim Davis, the Emergency Services Manager for Pittsylvania County dispatch.

Davis said many of the calls into their emergency dispatch center were from people asking about road conditions, instead of reporting actual emergencies.

"If someone's life is needing fire, police, or EMS, without a question, you dial 911," said Davis.

No matter the weather into Friday Night, Southside crews say they will be ready to help during any emergency.

"We'll be ready... hopefully we won't have many, but if it does we'll be there and we will get them taken care of," said Woodall.

To prevent an accident, experts say to give yourself more distance between you and the car in front of you. Do not slam on brakes.