Southside Bluegrass Artist Nominated for Grammy

Brosville, VA - One man in the Southside is gaining national attention for his musical abilities.

Bluegrass artist James King from Brosville has been nominated for a Grammy.

King's new album, Three Chords and the Truth is up for Best Bluegrass Album of the Year.

King says this album was about a year and half in the making and is completely different from the rest of his albums.

King and his band covered 12 country songs and put a Bluegrass twist to them. He says he was shocked to hear the news.

"I couldn't believe it. Really I mean, 'Grammy nominees' that means there was about a hundred and something CD's submitted for Bluegrass, and I'm in the top five. I'm really thankful, I am," King said.

King will be heading to the Grammys on January 26 to find out if he's the winner.

Either way, King says he's honored to just be nominated.