Southern Virginia Higher Education Center Hosts Students from Iowa

Danville, VA-- The Southern Virginia Higher Education Center in South Boston has been hosting a group of eight students from Iowa this week at their facility.

The students were learning about all things advanced manufacturing. It's part of the centers' Maker's Focus Immersion Week.

The students are part of a program in Iowa called, Virtual Reality Education Pathfinders (VREP). They can create a lot virtual programs and 3D objects digitally on a computer. However, during their stay in South Boston, they were able to actually create physical objects using reverse engineering and the advanced manufacturing process.

One of the program leaders said this week was a great opportunity for these talented students to learn different aspects of the advanced manufacturing industry.

"Students that are traditionally building stuff digitally have a chance to build stuff physically, using technology that a few years ago would have been alien to manufacturing but is today becoming more and more common place," said Trace Steffen, Owner of Kyoger, an Iowa-based content strategy, production, and consulting firm.

The students also presented their projects to local officials and industry leaders on Thursday morning.