Update: South Boston Store Sells Winning Lottery Ticket


South Boston, VA - News of the $1 million winner has spread through the South Boston community.

Now, folks are lining up at the BP Apple Market on Halifax Road, hoping lightning will strike twice.

"I hope I will be next. I play everyday and I hope I'll hit these numbers that I'm playing now, " said William Guthrie.
"It can happen, it's for real. It's like anything, you've got to take a chance to win. If you don't play, you can't win, " said Albert Owen.
No one was more surprised than Apple Market manager Mealie Sulter.
"I've never experienced somebody winning that much money, " said Sulter. She has been working in various convenience stores for 8 years, but she's been at this store for only three months.
She never expected something like this to happen.
The winner has not come forward yet. The employees don't even know which cashier actually sold the winning ticket, but some say it shows that it can happen right in your backyard.
"We like to see more winners closer to home. Maybe one day we'll get lucky and hit it, " Owen said.
For now, Sulter says she just hopes the winner won't spend it all in one place.
"I really hope that they put it to good use and I hope they really need it. I really do, " Sulter said.


South Boston, VA - One person who bought a lottery raffle in South Boston will start the year a million dollars richer.

The numbers were drawn for the New Year's Millionaire Raffle, and three million dollar winners were drawn.

One ticket was sold at the Apple Market in South Boston.

There were also six tickets worth $25,000 that were sold.

The closest was from the Midland Trail Pit Stop in Lexington.