South Boston Police Warn of Scammers Posing as Dominion Power Reps

South Boston, VA - The South Boston Police Department is once again seeing a rise in the number of scam related calls from people posing as representatives of Dominion Virginia Power.{} According to police, residents and businesses in South Boston are reporting that they have been contacted by representatives of Dominion Virginia Power saying that their power will be cut off unless they immediately purchase a Green Dot card and call back with the account information from the card to keep their power from being turned off.{} Police are advising all residents and businesses that this is a scam.{} Dominion Virginia Power will never call and ask a customer to use a Green Dot or any other pre-paid card to avoid their power being turned off.{} Delinquent customers will receive written notification if the power is going to be turned off. Police say that anyone receiving these types of calls{} should hang up immediately.{} This type of scam, as{} well as many others, often originate in countries overseas, such as Nigeria and others. Callers in these scams are giving a call back number such as an 800 number that appears to be a legitimate U. S. Phone number.