South Boston is Home to Esteemed Author

South Boston, VA - A South Boston author and illustrator will be featured on a national news program this Sunday, but his many achievements in science-fiction and astronomy-related literature is too much to fit into one program.

Ron Miller combined his passion for illustration and a passion for astronomy to make quite a name for himself in the writing world.
Now Miller enjoys balancing his award-winning career with easy living on the Southside.
Tucked away in a quiet South Boston neighborhood, there's a writing corner where Ron Miller spends much of his time.
Miller has authored and illustrated dozens of works throughout his career and he has no plans of stopping."Ninety percent of it is just sitting here in my little studio, doing pictures of alien monsters and spaceships and other planets, " Miller said.
He got his start as a commercial artist before becoming art director at the National Air and Space Museum's Albert Einstein Planetarium.
More than fifty books and several prestigious awards later, Miller moved to South Boston where he also does set design at the Prizery. For him, that is familiar territory.
"My wife and I both have worked on some movies, doing production illustration and model-making, " Miller said.
In 1991, he designed a set of planetary postage stamps that inspired scientists to send a space-craft to Pluto. To this day, that craft carries a special piece of Miller's legacy.
"They attached one of my stamps to the space craft, " he said.
As he continues to write his books geared toward young adult audiences, Miller hopes that young people will be inspired by his works to take interest in the infinite wonder of outer space.
"Our planet is just one member of a whole family of planets. Find out about them. They're very, very, very interesting places and they will make you look at the earth a whole lot differently, " he said.
Miller says it was a pleasure taping his upcoming episode of " CBS Sunday Morning", but for him, the greatest reward is hearing from people that he inspired through his writing and illustrating.