South Boston Celebrates Anniversary of the Crossing of the Dan

South Boston, VA - It was a packed house at the Prizery Saturday. Hundreds gathered to celebrate a part of South Boston's history.

The commemoration dates all the way back to February 14th 1781.

"So we are close to the actual day of the crossing of the Dan when General Nathanel Greene troops crossed the Dan River just ahead of Lord Cornwallis and the British Army," said Anne Raab, Organizer of the ceremony.

The celebration included a preview on a brand new documentary on the Crossing of the Dan.

"There's no video from back then so we used pictures to keep it authentic, art work from the day, we shot on location here in South Boston," said David Hutcheson, who made the documentary.

There was also a wreath laying ceremony.

"To honor those who served in the American Revolutionary and also those who lost their lives," Barbara Bass, President of Halifax County Historical Society said.

The crowd favorite: a re-enactment of the Crossing of the Dan.

"They've got cannons and muskets and they're going to ferry troops across the river. They're thrilled to death it's snowing because in 1781, this would have been the weather," said organizer Anne Raab.

Organizers say a huge reason they put this event together, is because not a lot of people know about this part of South Boston's history.

"If the British soldiers these British soldiers would have won here and gone across into Virginia, it would have been over," Hutcheson said.

"It's an important part of history that has been kind of lost, or not really recognized for the role it played in the American Revolution and we want to share it with the world," Bass said.