Songs For Kids Makes Its Way To Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - For a kid, a visit to the hospital can be a very scary experience, especially if a child has to stay for any duration of time, struggling to get better.

The "Songs For Kids Foundation" is working on curing that feeling, and they made a stop in Roanoke on Monday to play for some very special patients.

Just four days ago, young JJ Hopcroft had an emergency operation that saved his life.

"It's been pretty rough. He went to school and started off fine then came out with some headaches and wound up having a brain tumor removed Thursday," said JJ's mother, Cheyenne.

How fast life can change.

"He jumped right in and started singing," Cheyenne said.

It's a fact not overlooked by Josh Rifkind, one of the founding members of "Songs For Kids."

"We had no expectations. We only had great people involved and pursued it with love and did our best and... it ended up working," said Rifkind.

Monday's stop had Josh and his partner, Sanjay, working the crowd in the pediatric ward at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

The two also met little Grace, who has spent the past two days fighting a serious fever and fatigue.

"It brought tears to my eyes because she was so happy. I mean dancing and singing... she just absolutely loved it," said Grace's mother, Christina Fiedler.

"Needs that extra something to get them through the day," said Rifkind.

The program uses the gift of music, a proven method that some experts say, if allowed, can truly help one heal.

"All of this sounds very cliche, but it's true. All the small stuff kind of washes away and you really appreciate what you have, where you've come from... and it just feels good. You have this great sense of energy whenever you leave the hospital," said Rifkind.

The foundation will perform more than 1,000 times this year, which includes everything from interactive programs to bedside performances and recording programs.

For more information on the program, click here.