Son Speaks Out About Father's Murder

Officials Investigating

Campbell Co., VA - James C. Payne, 89, was found stabbed to death on Friday. Investigators from across the area spent much of the day following up on leads and searching wooded areas for some discarded evidence.

Payne's son Keith Payne says they are all taking the news pretty hard, but the family's faith in God is making this difficult time a bit easier.

"I actually found my dad," said Payne. "At that time he was already deceased."

Payne is the eldest son and says that Friday evening, the neighborhood lost power after a thunderstorm blew though the area. He wanted to check in with his dad, so after calling and hearing no response, he stopped in.

"Until it was discovered later on, we just thought my dad had hit his head," said Payne. "The wheelchair was turned over."

Officials determined the cause of death to be otherwise.

Monday was packed with search teams and search dogs looking for evidence and a suspect or suspects. Nothing came up but the calls are pouring in.

"We've had hundreds of tips," said Captain Billy Crowe.

Officials say tips have given them great headway in the case so far.

"We have some people of interest who we've talked to, I can't definitively say that anyone's a suspect," said Crowe.

Payne says he is finding closure in his religion.

"Even though it's tragic, the Lord has been preparing us for this and we're thankful for that and we know this is not the end of the story," said Payne.

He and his family say they have one simple request.

"We are asking for prayer for the person that did this and also prayer for those who do crimes like this," said Payne. "I had my dad for 89 years and I'm thankful for that."

Search warrants in this case have been sealed. Payne says his father's funeral will be held this Sunday at Heritage Baptist Church. James Payne was survived by his three kids and four grandkids.