Some Trees Down in Roanoke Following Sandy

Roanoke, VA - One of the regions in our area hardest hit by Sandy was the Roanoke Valley. But even there, emergency management will tell you it could have been much, much worse.

That area dealt with 50 mph wind gusts that kept coming into Tuesday morning and that caused some trouble.

Depending on where you were Monday night you may, or may not have, noticed Hurricane Sandy.

Resident Becky Blankenship got an early notice.

"We was cooking last night and the tree just fell," she said.

And while the tree almost took out her car, it was no big surprise that it fell. It's been dead for more than a year.

"We thought about it in the summertime when we had that wind storm. We thought it would fall then but it didn't."

While the downed trees kept cleanup crews busy, the downed power lines kept the power line crews busy too - just not as busy as expected in the Roanoke area with a peak of around 5,000 customers across the valley losing power.

The good news is there are plenty of crews to get things up and running.

"We've seen the interstate's shut down, so we can't get our crews up into West Virginia to help with that. What we're going to do is we're going to pull those resources and they're going to be helping in places like Roanoke and other locations," said Todd Burns, spokesperson for Appalachian Power.

The wind also closed most of the school districts across the Roanoke Valley as officials were worried students would be hit by flying debris. That made Blankenship's role Tuesday morning all that more important as her grandkids needed a place to go.

"She just walked over and brought 'em... said she had to go to work," said Blankenship, who says she was lucky to have her grandchild right across the street from her.

Wednesday, most everything should be back to normal in time for the school day and Halloween.