Some Say Lynchburg Intersection Is a Danger for Drivers

Lynchburg, VA - It's one of Lynchburg's most traveled intersections; it's also a dangerous one.

Lynchburg police say at the intersection of Old Forest Road and Lakeside Drive, just since 2010, there have been more than 40 car accidents.

It's where 24 lanes of traffic intersect, and wrecks are a common site.

Crunching cars have become all too familiar at this intersection; where the Expressway, collides with Lakeside drive.

Heavy traffic, and confusing lane layouts make it a tricky spot.

"Not too many real hard, hard wrecks there. It does happen once in a while but not really. It's more fender benders" said business owner Dan Laslie.

Laslie's Auto body business has been on Old Forest road for almost two decades.

"Every week there's some sort of activity in the accident aisle right on this road" he said.

Laslie blames confusing lane layouts, and inexperienced drivers.

"The lines get long. People get in the wrong lane way down the road and then all of a sudden they have to take the left because they didn't know to be in the right. So again, it's just challenging" he said.

In 2009, Lynchburg improved the intersection's lane layouts, subsequently improving safety.

According to Lynchburg police, between 2007 and 2009 the intersection saw 74 collisions, resulting in 22 injuries.

But since 2010, the site's seen only 40 wrecks, and just nine injuries.

As if congestion wasn't already a concern here though, a new shopping center is going in just a stone's throw away.

"They're installing one driveway each on Lakeside and Old Forest, they're installing a new traffic signal" said Lynchburg Transportation Engineer, Don DeBerry.

DeBerry says the new construction will add roadways, and signals. Likely, making the intersection safer.

"It will be no worse, and it will likely be better because the signals are coordinated," he said.

The new shopping center is expected to be open by fall of 2013. And as DeBerry said, as long as roads intersect, there will be a risk for wrecks.