Some Professionals Spend Holiday Working

Danville, VA-- It was nice to have a few days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, right? Well, not everyone was so lucky. Some professionals out there spent the holiday working.

"The world doesn't stop moving just because it's Christmas or a holiday." Holiday Inn Express General Manager, Teresa Webb said.

Webb said the hotel industry never sleeps.

"There's always somebody that needs a place to stay during the holidays, so they come home and want to visit the family and sometimes their houses are full," Webb said.

And in some professions, staff is on-hand 24/7.

"It's critical just like today we're just coming back from a house fire and it's just important that the calls are covered every day 365 days a year," Danville battalion fire chief, Bryan Shields said. "Somebody has to do it and so I'm just glad to be there and be able to do it."

"Well it's one of those things, if a type of situation or an emergency comes up," Captain Audrey Jackson said. "The world keeps going as it goes around so we have to be here just like other jobs."

Working holidays really does not phase Jackson. She's done it for years, and said regardless of how many hours she puts in, she always finds time for family.

"They'll just cook and they'll bring me something down here," Jackson said.

"It's hard to juggle that but as far as the holidays we do a sign up sheet with four hour shifts so that everybody can sign up for what they want to work," Webb said. "Whether they eat dinner and celebrate in the evening or in the morning so that way nobody is stuck."

"A lot of times the families will come down and spend that holiday you know to be able to eat lunch or dinner with their families so it's home away from home," Shields said.